Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Irish Castles, Land, and Ocean Views – Is It Time to Deal?

As you know I have been watching Ireland closely for some time now. I have been studying….waiting on the sidelines for things to really get interesting. According to a survey of 50 markets published in Ireland’s Sunday Business Post this month, Ireland tops the table for the highest price falls this year. Our waiting and patience is being rewarded. The deals are getting better. I expect we’ll retain high flyer status in this regard. There will be further price falls.

My Plans For the Fortaleza Market

My Plans For the Fortaleza Market

Long-time readers of these dispatches will know that I’m bullish on Fortaleza in Northeast Brazil. It’s now three years since RETA members (me included) first got the opportunity to “buy well” here. I’m happy with the units I have purchased.
The first of our units from those early pre-releases will be delivered early next year. That means we need to start making a plan. We will need to decide whether we want to rent short-term or long-term? What vendors and partners will we choose for fit-out and rental management? These are important decisions. They could have a big impact on the yields we generate. Many of you have been asking about my own plans.

A Lot in This Scenic Part of Costa Rica From $45,000...With Financing

A Lot in This Scenic Part of Costa Rica From $45,000…With Financing

As a member of our little group, you will know that we look for Path of Progress opportunities. I’m talking about infrastructure projects like a new road…or a new bridge that will make an area more accessible and desirable. When this happens, prices rise. Like we’ve recently seen in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone…and in Tulum, on the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

My colleague at Pathfinder, Margaret Summerfield recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica, where she investigated the impact of a newly upgraded road that stretches out from the capital, San Jose. She returned to her base in Panama excited about a project she had seen in the area.

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal...

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal…

Long-time readers of these dispatches will know that I have been recommending opportunities in Fortaleza for the past three years.

We have been able to buy pre-release at special member-only pricing and terms. I have bought multiple units here. I’m happy with my investments. I recently sold a condo I bought on my first trip for $43,500 more than I paid.

And it’s not just me. RETA members have seen strong price appreciation.

It gets better though…

Caribbean Financing – Respond Today

Caribbean Financing – Respond Today

I strongly urge you to read this alert carefully.
The Tao project near Tulum is a strong opportunity I have told you about in these alerts. The developer finance offer makes it stronger. You can buy here with $15,000 down and monthly payments of $800. Plus, as a RETA member you get additional benefits (more below).
The finance offer will likely close in a matter of weeks. Only 100 units can be sold with this developer finance package…and 81 have been sold—with signed contracts. There are additional reservations which are closing by the day.
You need to act now to avail of this this offer. In the future some finance may be available…or it might not be. BUT—a finance offer this good will never be made again.