Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Is RETA for Real?

Why had they come? Was it for a sneak peek at the latest deals…or for some insider intelligence…was there a particular play or country they were interested in…maybe one of Ronan’s experts they wanted to meet in person?

Drinks on the Roof…

The sun tints the horizon at this hour. It’s sunrise and I can smell the brine of the Caribbean from where I sit. I’m writing to you in the early hours before the first full day of our RETA Gathering V here in Playa del Carmen.

The Nimble Will Profit

There are 7.7 billion people on earth. Last year saw 1.4 billion tourist arrivals. That’s 18% of humanity. But you don’t need figures from the UN’s World Tourism Organization to know more people are traveling than ever before. Just take a trip…you’ll see them in the airports and old towns of Europe…on the beaches of Mexico…in the jungles of Costa Rica…in the temples of Thailand…