Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

April 2017: The Last Great Spain Crisis Opportunity Could Hand Us the Biggest Profit

It was 2009 and as Spain’s economy had cratered and unemployment soared, the real estate market stalled. One wealthy Russian thought he could buck the trend. He had one of the best combinations of location and spectacular views on the Costa del Sol…and deep pockets. The homes were built…but never sold. And this has created one of the strongest Costa del Sol opportunities I have ever brought to RETA.

March 2017: Big Profits in Playa del Carmen’s Golden Zone

Here…over here!” My contact shone the flashlight of his camera phone at a gap in the fence behind a faded billboard. He squeezed through. I hauled my six-foot-two frame after him. We left behind the wide, tree-lined boulevard. Luxury SUVs passed by, their drivers unaware of our presence beyond the fence. Or what the future of this Playa del Carmen neighborhood holds…

January 2017: Right Now We’re Seeing Potential For Killer Deals on the Costa del Sol

Last October, I took an extensive 10-day scouting trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol. One place high on my scouting list was Estepona, south of Marbella. This is the locale where Real Estate Trend Alert members have locked down townhomes for just $189,000. That deal came thanks to Spain’s dysfunctional and grossly inefficient real estate market. Taking advantage of Spain’s inefficiencies is the best way to get in here now…but you have to be ready to act…