Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

December 2016: No One’s Paying Attention to This Overlooked Market in Cabo—But We Can Make a Killing

All the cranes in Cabo are being used to build new luxury hotels. No one is building the homes needed for the hotel managers, the golf pros, the IT experts, and all the other new business owners. No one, that is, except for one smart developer. And it’s through him that we get our opportunity—a chance to profit from this boom. Our gains could be spectacular…

September 2016: An Easy Way to Profit From a 50-Year Path of Progress on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

Real Estate Trend Alert members have banked some serious gains on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. In two weeks’ time, I’ll spend my first night in my A-nah townhome. Two years ago, RETA members could lock one of these down with members-only pricing of $215,000. Now a similar townhome lists for $287,000. Our opportunity on this coast is still strong. Our latest members-only opportunity will be one of our easiest opportunities to do well on the Riviera Maya.

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August 2016: Buy Europe: We Can Now Get Killer Deals in The Heart of Portugal’s Algarve

Maybe you’ve never heard of Amendoeira. Anybody who’s interested in championship golf courses in the Algarve, they know about this place. I know it. I’ve played here. You shouldn’t be able to buy luxury like this in this part of the world for less than €500,000 ($560,000). Yet here, you can get in for half that. And it’s all because of the crisis running across Europe…

July 2016: Auctions: A Source For Killer Deals When You Know How to Play Them

Auctions can be a great way to pick up a piece of real estate priced well below market value. And buying the right property at auctions can lead to a killer deal. You need to find the right property at the right auction. It takes work and thought, but do it right and you can pick up a bargain piece of real estate for far less than market value.

June 2016: A Tale of Two Brazils—Why It’s The Best of Times For The Northeast Coast

To an outsider, it looks like a calamity in Brazil. One million protestors calling for the president’s impeachment…corruption scandals…a financial crisis… The country’s congress and senate have both voted to impeach president Dilma Rousseff. Last month, she was suspended from duties for 180 days. Far from being a reason to avoid Brazil, it allows us another opportunity to buy well here…and to take advantage of some special-situation deals…

RETA May Cover

May 2016: Profit From The New Upwardly-Mobile City of Leon, Nicaragua

Right now, we have an opportunity in Leon that will allow us to tap into this Northern Nicaragua story I’ve been telling you about. A new and emerging middle class is among the most powerful drivers of profit opportunities I know. We’ve seen the middle-class opportunity play out in Fortaleza, in Medellin, and again in Cabo, Mexico in 2015. Now, we have a chance to do the same again in Leon, Nicaragua.

April 2016: Potentially Double Your Money With a Luxury Condo on Spain’s Costa del Golf

I’ve played golf on some of the best courses in the world. And I’d put the course surrounding our latest opportunity in Spain on my list of top courses. What I found was luxury, standout condos priced at €230,000 ($259,500)… Also in your latest Special Edition, get all you need to know to make sure your rental property is set up to earn bigger rental yields right here.

March 2016: How to Get Free Beachfront in Nicaragua—And Three Other Ways to Get a Property For Free

Sometimes in real estate a rare moment comes along when everything lines up and you can essentially own a property for free. It isn’t a big secret or even difficult to do…if you do it the right way. I’ve found opportunities in three of the strongest real estate locations on my beat where you could own a hotel, a condo, or some prime beachfront land for free.