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By Ronan McMahon

$50K Off in Playa’s Golden Zone

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ronan McMahon Dear Your Overseas Dream Home Reader,

Thirty seconds…

That’s the time it takes for most folks to read to the end of the next paragraph. It could also be the time it takes for you to stroll from your luxury condo to the white sands and azure Caribbean waters of Playa del Carmen.

Indeed, with our imminent new RETA-only deal, you’re only 100 meters—approximately 300 feet—from the beach. That means no piling into the car and worrying about finding a parking spot…or finding a taxi. You only have to grab a towel and a cooler and you’re there. Head to a beach club and it’s even easier—they’ll set you up with loungers and an umbrella, and serve up cold drinks and delicious food.

Best of all, I’ve got us huge discounts—from $50,000 and up—on fully furnished, turnkey luxury condos a short stroll from the sand…

Our killer RETA deal opens tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET…

Of course, Playa del Carmen is about much more than just the beach. And our opportunity is ideally situated to take advantage of all the fun Playa has to offer.

The famed 5th Avenue is just five minutes’ walk away. It’s a miles-long pedestrian promenade lined with little shops, fancy shopping malls, sports bars, restaurants offering everything from steak to sushi, ice cream shops, dance clubs, French cafes…there really is something for everybody here.

Fifth Avenue is abuzz with activity day and night, although our opportunity is actually on the quieter north end. That means you get peace and tranquility, while still being just a short walk from the action.

Our deal is just on the edge of what I call the Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone. It’s in the heart of the city; close to the beach and 5th Avenue, but away from the noise. It’s a cosmopolitan-beach-chic neighborhood, and Playa’s premium town center address.

My favorite place to dine is actually within Zona Dorada, just off 5th Avenue. It’s called Calle 38, or 38th Street. Sure, the hustle-and-bustle of the “main drag” can be fun. But when you want something more low-key…a glass of wine or latte in a shaded outdoor table or a gourmet dinner surrounded by lush foliage rather than in-your-face décor and loud music…this is the place to be.

Those “in the know” in Playa consider Calle 38 to be the trendiest place in town…and it’s less than five minutes’ walk from where we can lock down condos with discounts from $50,000 tomorrow.

As my researcher Jason Holland explains, “It’s worlds apart.” The place he goes when he wants to relax away from the crowds. A little oasis within the city.

He shares his experience below…

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon, Real Estate Trend Alert


Hidden Gems in Playa del Carmen

By Jason Holland

It was late afternoon by the time I made it to town. And having lived inland and up in the arid mountains for the last several years, I had already planned my first stop in Playa del Carmen well in advance.

Within minutes of checking in, I had my swimsuit and flipflops on and was out the door. Luckily, my hotel was just a block from my destination.

Life here is all about the beach. The white sands. The Caribbean waters that are turquoise from a distance and translucent when you get up close and see the gentle waves washing over the shore. Playa has miles of it.

You can go down and set up your beach chair and cooler. But I prefer to just head down with a towel. I take a dip, float on my back in the warm water looking at the deep blue cloudless sky above.

Content, I head to a beach restaurant for food and drink. Why lug down stuff to the beach when they’ve set up a cozy chair and palapa for you?

It was late in the day, dusk by the time I made it to my table at Fusion. It’s my go-to in Playa del Carmen. Great ceviche—try the “mixto” with fish, shrimp, and octopus. When the sun goes down, the lights go on, perfect for enjoying the house music being pumped out by the resident DJ…and then the reggae band that comes after.

Playa del Carmen’s beach restaurants are open morning to night.

Fusion is just off La Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue, Playa’s main drag—miles long and fully pedestrianized.

Day and night tourists and locals stroll up and down its length, browsing the little boutiques, grabbing lattes, perusing the stalls of craft vendors, and finding the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (every cuisine and price point is represented).

It’s fun. But can be a little in your face at times, with the crowds, loud music, and touts offering tequila tastings and tours.

That’s why when I’m in Playa, I always make sure to go to Calle 38, on the north end of 5th Avenue. It’s worlds apart.

Lots of trees and jungle vegetation, shady, and low-key “rustic chic” restaurants. It’s a boho-chic vibe, a bit similar to Tulum.

Calle 38 is part of Playa del Carmen’s up-and-coming Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone, marked by high-end development and boho-chic vibe.

Many visitors never make it to Calle 38. It’s a bit off the beaten path. But well worth the visit.

This is an area that feels more exclusive—where the in-the-know locals and visitors go. Not as mass market. There are several restaurants—outdoors, with a rustic feel, although the food is definitely gourmet.

You could have a leisurely late breakfast or early lunch at Amate 38 or La Cueva del Chango (which showcase regional Mexican cuisine; Amate even has a lady making fresh tortillas on site) and then head out the beach at the end of the road…

Wouldn’t you know it, there is another beach club just a short walk away.


Ronan says: Thanks to the discounts I’ve negotiated with the developer, RETA members are getting discounts of $50,000 to $66,000 for fully furnished one- and two-bedroom condos (with lock-off) in a new community in Playa’s Golden Zone—just 30 seconds walk from the beach and five minutes from Calle 38 and 5th Avenue.

Our discount brings the RETA-only price for a fully furnished luxury one-bedroom condo, down to the bed linens, decor, wine glasses, and everything else to just $174,600. It’s completely turnkey. All you or your guests need to bring is a swimsuit and sunglasses…and something nice to wear out to dinner.

Not only is it in the best location in Playa, but this community also offers luxury boutique hotel amenities, including concierge, housekeeping service, fitness center, spa, restaurant…

Every new owner also gets a furniture pack valued at $15,000 (for one-bedroom condos) or $23,000 (two-bedroom lock-offs).

Plus, every new owner can join the full-service rental program, which makes this a completely turnkey, hands-off investment that I project could bring in $26,190 per year once things start truly motoring.

Remember, this isn’t the first deal we’ve had in Playa’s Golden Zone…

On my recent visit to Playa del Carmen in April, I stopped by our RETA opportunity in Siempre Playa—a project from the same developer behind tomorrow’s deal. Members bought there in 2017 at RETA-only pricing from $193,800. Today, the same condo type lists at retail for $314,333. A whopping paper gain of $120,533.

You can check out my video tour here:

RETA members are already sitting on six-figure paper gains in Siempre Playa. It’s from the same developer behind our latest opportunity and gives you a great idea of what he and his group deliver…best-in-class, luxury, premier location.

The first owners are now moving in to Siempre Playa. And I know of a number of two-bed condos getting ready to be rented for $1,900 per month.

People are willing to pay higher prices to stay in boutique hotels in the Golden Zone. It’s the lushest, greenest, and most desirable part of Playa del Carmen…and, of course, that’s a very good thing when you’re an owner. That’s why I find the developer’s projections of 15% ROI to be reasonable.

Remember, the deal opens to RETA members tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET. With just a handful of condos available, I fully expect this deal to be off the table soon after it opens…

So, if you’re a RETA member and haven’t done so already, get the full report here, now.

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Your Comments and Questions

Marina says: Hi Ronan. I have been a RETA member for almost six years and not only thoroughly enjoyed the information you share, but took advantage of a couple of scouting tours to Mexico during the pre-pandemic times.

I am not an “investor,” just somebody looking for a place to retire to in a couple of years.

Following your steps, I have purchased a premium condo in Gran Tulum and looking for more 🙂

While exploring Riviera Maya, my husband and I fell in love with one of small towns in that area, Puerto Aventuras.

Gorgeous little family town with canals and marinas throughout.

You have never mentioned Puerto Aventuras in your letters. Is it because of higher price points for the real estate there?

This May, during our visit, we saw a lot of construction in town. Do you think there may be a possibility to get any pre-construction RETA deals some time in future?

Ronan says: Hi Marina. I really like Puerto Aventuras. But, I’ve never found a deal there that cuts RETA muster. By that I mean one where we can expect to double our cash invested within five years. The ground floor opportunity has passed. That could chane…I’m waiting, and I’ll continue to visit and watch for a deal.

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