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By Ronan McMahon

Bali – (Inquire for Availability)

Spectacular Mediterranean Views and Gains on Spain’s Costa del Sol

I’ve 21 handpicked condos with expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea… in a luxury community just 10 minutes from the beach and close to Malaga, Spain.

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Opportunities to buy in the Costa del Sol and see a big potential uplift of €140,300 almost never come along.

One of Spain’s most vibrant cities, Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, sees around 20 million passengers pass through its airports each year.

It was recently voted the best city in the world to live and work in a major expat survey and with millions of vacationers, digital nomads, snowbirds, and remote workers from across the world arriving each year, the region is booming.

Which is why this is such a killer deal…

We have handpicked condos available giving you the chance to lock in significant potential gains.

I figure our best-in-class community will prove popular with both short- and long-term renters.

That’s why I figure these condos will be worth €500,000 within three years of delivery—that’s a gain of €140,300.

This render from the developer, which should not be considered final, shows the amazing Mediterranean views that every condo in our best-in-class community will have. Note the spacious terrace, the perfect place to take in this spectacular vista.

The Bali community will be set high in the rolling hills, from your terrace you can enjoy views of the silvery-blue Mediterranean, sparkling under the sun. It’s a panoramic view to rival any other on the Costa de Sol.

Below Bali lies Rincon de la Victoria, with its long, sandy beaches and calm waters.

This is the “hidden” Costa del Sol that locals have long known…and the world is now discovering. A place that retains its authentic charm, with fabulous views and yet on 10 minutes from the beach…

Best of all, the cosmopolitan town of Malaga is just 25 minutes away.

In Malaga you will find stunning golden-sand beaches in the center of the city. Stroll into town and you’ll find a walkable historic center, and exciting nightlife.

It wasn’t always this way… Until a few decades ago, Malaga was a gritty port town.

But Malaga has undergone stunning transformation and today you’ll find a vibrant arts and commercial hub with museums, high-end stores, and fine-dining restaurants.

Visit it today and you’ll see passengers disembarking from luxurious cruise ships…influencers sipping cocktails on trendy rooftop bars…and tourists taking photos in front of the mega-yachts of the billionaire class.

As I said, I expect your stunning Mediterranean-view condo will allow you to lock in potential gains of €140,300 three years after delivery and grow into a serious stream of income if you choose to rent.

And bank financing makes this deal even better. As I write, mortgages of up to 70% loan-to-value are available (subject to approval) with interest rates currently starting from around 4%.

Opportunities to buy in the Costa del Sol and see a big potential uplift are rare. You could wait years for the right deal to appear….

By checking out my full deal briefing, you’ll see why I’m so confident in these predictions.

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon