Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Rancho Santana – (Limited Availability)

Four Seasons-Level Luxury for Less

Rancho Santana is a seaside sanctuary where you get all the amenities you’d expect from a resort of the highest quality, all provided at Four Seasons-level service—but with a more warm, personal touch. And with prices starting from $141,750—with a $57,250 discount—for spacious lots with outstanding ocean views…this is definitely a special opportunity only possible because of our insider access.

Villas Ojochal – (Sold Out)

Hitting the Rental Sweet Spot on Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, where Villas Ojochal is found, is not just a tropical paradise…it is also among the most profitable places I know for savvy investors. Once remote and inaccessible the Southern Zone is now easy to reach. As more people discover this region prices will climb. And already there is a critical shortage of rentals…which is why this opportunity is so incredibly good.

Villas Vista La Montana – (Sold Out)

Hot Deal in the Heart of Costa Rica’s Southern Zone

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone has everything that the millions of vacationers who come to Costa Rica seek. It’s among the most beautiful places on earth. But there’s a critical shortage of rentals… And that’s why I’m so excited about our latest deal in this region: 18 tropical villas, starting at the RETA-only pricing of $218,000, near the “Culinary Capital of Costa Rica,” the village of Ojochal.