Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity...

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity…

Imagine perfect, white-washed homes…and churches with rounded roofs…that cling to the sheer edge of an ancient volcanic crater. The sun sets like a fiery cannon ball at Oia. Yes, the black beaches are interesting, but here it’s all about the dramatic views from the crater edge. This is the Greek island of Santorini. My favorite. And like the rest of the Greek islands, real estate here is about to get dirt cheap—because of the great crisis the country faces today.

Trip to Costa Rica for 13 Members Only…

Along Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, the bright, thick, green jungle canopy rolls down to a coast of sandy beaches and rocky points. It’s truly stunning. One project along this coast stands out as the gold standard. It’s here that members of our group can buy with a down payment of $20,000 and interest-free monthly payments of $556. And where a small group (strictly limited to 13) of Real Estate Trend Alert members will gather this July 19-22.

A New Opportunity in Costa Rica

A New Opportunity in Costa Rica

On Friday I told you about the opportunity to buy a lot perched above the shores of Lake Arenal…with a down payment of $2,500 and monthly payments of $187.50. This lot is in a project called The Preserve. Just below The Preserve and on the shores of the lake you’ll find one of Arenal’s most established projects: Turtle Cove.

Latest Fire Sale in Ireland Now On

Latest Fire Sale in Ireland Now On

Last Friday I told you about the results of Ireland’s most recent fire sale auction. The catalog for the next auction (May 3) has been released. This time there are fewer apartments in the bigger urban centers. The focus is on commercial units. Some have tenants with leases of varying terms. Others are vacant. Homes and building plots scattered around the country also go under the hammer. Some are far from the big urban centers and will likely sell for a song.

See the Opportunities in Brazil for Yourself...

See the Opportunities in Brazil for Yourself…

In northeast Brazil, miles of wide and deep white-sand beaches connect little fishing villages and kite surfing outposts. A typical year has 300 days of sunshine. A typical day is in the low 80s with sunshine and refreshing breezes from the ocean. This is where Brazilians and Europeans come to vacation.

This is a stretch of coast you should visit first-hand to see the opportunity I have been telling you about. Today, I’m extending a special invitation

You Are Invited

You Are Invited

I want you to be the first to receive my invitation. After all, the schedule is designed for you. And with only 150 places available, it’s important that you have the opportunity to consider dates and act before these few seats sell out.

Special Trip to the Best Stretch of Pacific Coast...

Special Trip to the Best Stretch of Pacific Coast…

Ecuador’s nicest 100-mile stretch of coast used to be difficult to get to. That’s changed with the new highway. One strong opportunity I’ve told you about on this coast (most recently in yesterday’s Alert) is Jama Campay.

This is where you can buy a 960-square-foot condo perched above…yet only a four-minute stroll from…a white-sand beach. Even from the ground floor you have views past the beach and breaking waves to the Pacific Ocean.