Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Dear Reader,

25 years.

That’s how long it’s taken me to write my brand-new book.

It’s my life’s work…

Everything I know about making money from real estate…

  • From buying luxury properties for pocket change and selling for big profits…
  • To turning properties into income machines that make money while you sleep…
  • But most of all, this book is about using real estate to live a truly free and fulfilling life…

It’s called Ronan McMahon’s Big Book of Profitable Real Estate Investing and I’m giving it to you FREE because you’re a member of my Real Estate Trend Alert.

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No catch. My gift to you. A thank you for contributing to our immense group buying power.

While others are out battling over Black Friday deals, I encourage you to get comfy and read my book instead.

This book began as a promise to RETA members. I began writing it with the goal of putting everything I’ve learned in 25 years about buying real estate for profit and pleasure into one resource.

For years I had searched for a group like ours…

I wanted to join like-minded folks eager to pool our buying power and share in the best real estate deals around the world. I searched in vain. For there was no such group.

So, in 2008 I founded my own and called it, that’s right, Real Estate Trend Alert.

The entire point of RETA is to put us on the inside of the world’s greatest real estate opportunities. And during the Era of Scarcity membership of RETA has more value than it’s ever had before.

Outstanding deals are never easy to find, but most investors will find it even more of a struggle as scarcity bites.

Meanwhile, RETA members will continue to access our pipeline of incredible off-market deals from the world’s most desirable locations.

There is nothing like this book. And its lessons have never been more urgent or useful than in the uncertain world of the 2020s.

I think of this new book as our handbook…something of “a user’s guide to RETA.”

And there’s never been a more appropriate time to use your RETA membership…

There are plenty of other books, blogs, courses and videos out there about real estate. Many bamboozle us with complicated formulas…some are downright dangerous. Very few deal with overseas real estate, and none to my knowledge show you a clear and simple path to the best real estate opportunities in the most stunning corners of the world.

Our RETA group is stronger than ever. Our off-market deals are incredible.

It’s so exciting to be with you as investors, like-minded people, and friends.

I hope you find value and enjoyment with my Big Book of Profitable Real Estate Investing.

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Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon

P.S. Back in September I sat down with my editor for a far-reaching interview at my Silver Coast base in Portugal. We talked about the lessons I’ve learned, the power of RETA and much more…here’s that interview:

Click to play: My editor asks the questions…