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By Ronan McMahon

Mission France: The Full Report


Sunday, 05 June, 2022

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France is a gastronomic wonderland…an artistic mecca…and so rich in history that its medieval towns and cities look like fairy-tale pop-up books.

Vineyards blanket its wine regions, cathedrals crown the cities, and sandy beaches fringe the coastline…

It’s no wonder why it’s the world’s top tourism destination with some 89 million visitors each year, all flocking to the land of the Gauls to feast on its extraordinary wealth of culture and indulge in its renowned lifestyle.

Then there’s the bargain real estate.

France is jam-packed with incredible bargains. It’s a paradise for real estate lovers.

From homes in hilltop villages, to villas surrounded by vineyards, medieval city pads, and apartments in majestic châteaus…they’re all available for a lot less than you might think.

That’s why I sent two of my scouting team on a road-trip in France…

They rented cars, hopped trains, trams, and pounded mile-upon-mile of pavements, traveling hundreds of miles to uncover some amazing real estate opportunities…

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Their focus was on the South of France, with it’s easy Mediterranean lifestyle and captivating natural beauty.

However, this is not the South of France as you know it. Away from the glitz and glam of the Côte d’Azur with its impossibly ritzy cars and beach clubs, I wanted to show you a side of this region that rarely takes the spotlight, but offers just as much of that coveted French lifestyle for a fraction of the cost.

It’s a part of France’s sunbelt where long sandy beaches are still fairly uncrowded. Inland you’ll find wild mountain ranges, dramatic gorges and stunning hill towns that many Francophiles will tell you are more authentic France than what you’ll find in over-touristed and over-priced Provence.

If you’re idea of France is fairy-tale castles perched on rugged mountain peaks and medieval villages where the food is amazing and the wine is local, then this is for you…

Inside this Mission France report:

  • Homes From €130,000 in the “Poor Man’s Provence”
  • France’s Secret Cote d’Azur
  • Bargains and Vacation Rental Opportunities in Medieval Villages
  • Profit in France’s “Second Cities”
  • Montpellier: France’s Gifted City
  • Own From €191,500 in Pocket-Sized Paris

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Ronan McMahon

P.S. We always recommend that you hire an attorney to carry out due diligence on any overseas real estate purchase. In Mexico, I use Ivan Castillo ( For this deal there are some added protections for RETA members. Once you sign your contract, you’ll only pay an additional $5,000 [$10,000 total], until the developer has some final paperwork in place. You can cancel and get your $10,000 back if the developer doesn’t get the paperwork within the timeframe agreed in your contract. (You need to make sure this is reflected in your contract.) Your attorney should also review any finance or rental agreements that you sign in the future as part of your purchase.