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By Ronan McMahon

Incredible Income in the Era of Scarcity


Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Dear Reader,

I’m back on Portugal’s Silver Coast. And I have a brand new special report for you…

***Incredible Income in the Era of Scarcity***

I’m writing to you from my terrace here in Praia D’el Rey under a perfect spring sun. In front of me dunes and sandstone cliffs embrace the silvery coastline, where white-crested Atlantic waves crash against the beach.

It’s beautiful. Tranquil. And profitable…

I bought my condo here two years ago for $300,000. Today I could sell it for $395,000. And thanks to the rental income I make from it, I literally own this beachfront condo in Portugal for nothing.

While I was in the Cabo winter sun, I rented it out to surfers and Scandinavian snowbirds for €180 a night. I had a family come for a one week stay…who then extended it to seven weeks. In the peak summer season when I’m in Ireland I’ll rent it out at €250 to €300 a night. That more than covers the cost of the mortgage, HOA fees, taxes, insurance, gas for the car, and pocket money while I’m here.

It paid for my golf in Praia D’el Rey last weekend (it covers my annual dues), as well as my early dinner at Alma D’Sal Beach Club after…

It covers everything. And it gives me this dream home in this dream destination for free…

This is the stunning beach in front of Alma D’Sal Beach Club…a seven-minute drive from my home…

The shocking thing is, I didn’t buy it as a financial investment but it sure is working out like one thanks to how well it rents while I’m not using it.

So much so I’m considering buying another condo in my building purely as an investment.

Making near-passive income is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It’s money while you sleep. And I still get a sense of quiet satisfaction every time I see rental income hit my bank account.

Today, in the Era of Scarcity, the opportunity to capture strong rental yields has never been stronger. Indeed, I believe this is a golden moment for rental income.

Demand is soaring right across our beat, and thanks to inflation, bureaucratic bottlenecks, and material and labor shortages, supply of new rentals is going to be a long-term issue in many places for years to come.

This has created an unprecedented opportunity for real estate investors. Own the right real estate in the right place and at the right price and your rental yield could be huge…

I’m talking yields of 9%…12%…even as much as 18%. And in my brand new report, I’ll show you exactly how to do it…

Click the link to start reading…

***Incredible Income in the Era of Scarcity***

This is my ultimate guide to creating incredible income and the latest report I’m bringing you as part of Project Prosper II.

Like I said when I launched PPII in February, our goal is a near-future where money pours into your bank account from renting a dream home or a string of stunning properties.

Inside, I reveal how current global conditions and emerging trends mean we can own incredible income-producing real estate…and how, with our RETA edge and some strategic thinking, we can unlock shockingly strong yields from a new kind of hybrid short- and longer-term mix of renting.

This report lays it all out…from how to choose real estate that will maximize your yields to the marketing steps that will turn your real estate into a profit-making machine.

The knowledge I share in this guide can offer you the perfect path to freedom, both financial and personal. The freedom to go where you want, when you want. Freedom from worry and stress…to not care about what’s happening on Wall Street or what the latest banking crisis will mean to your retirement…

So, let’s jump in…

Start reading Incredible Income in the Era of Scarcity now.

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon