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By Ronan McMahon

Playa Deal: How to Spend Your Day

Monday September 20, 2021

Ronan McMahonDear Dream Home Letter Reader,

As a condo owner in Siempre Playa your biggest challenge is choosing how to spend your day…

Mornings could be a dip in the rooftop infinity pool with a view of the Caribbean. (There are four pools on the roof.)

Maybe you begin with a workout in the plush gym or a massage in the spa.

The gourmet cafés here and close by in Playa del Carmen’s Golden Zone are mellow and stylish places to catch up on email or meet friends…

You could just go for a barefoot walk on the white-sand Caribbean beach a few blocks from Siempre…

If you haven’t yet read my full report on this deal it’s getting urgent. Siempre Playa is the top-class luxury building in Playa del Carmen where I’ve got you a massive discount of $66,564 on two-bed, two-bath luxury condos. I open this deal this Thursday, September 23, at 1 p.m. ET.

(I’ve also got you 20% off stunning one-beds making your price for those just $174,023.)

And of course…you never need to go there at all—the income potential alone makes this a stellar deal.

But back to your day as an owner spending time in Siempre…

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Snow or sand this winter? I have got you a huge $66,564 discount on two-bed condos close to the beach in Playa del Carmen. They are built, set to be delivered, and in a stunning building with unrivalled amenities. You could take possession right after Christmas.

In the afternoon you might hang at a beach club, go snorkeling, fishing or diving on the world’s second largest barrier reef—just off shore of Playa.

Some expats keep catamarans and yachts. You’ll find sailing schools, charters, and rentals too if you have your sea legs already. It’s easy to do some island hopping and beach-combing from a boat.

You could shoot out of town to swim in a secret cenote sinkhole fringed with emerald jungle. The closest three cenotes are a little over 15 minutes’ drive from Playa. Taking a taxi is easy and cheap. Bring your own snorkel or rent one.

Climb the steps of monumental Maya ruins. Chichen Itza is among the most famous sites, and I highly recommend a cycle through the jungle-clad temple city of Coba. Then there’s Tulum, just an hour south and perched dramatically over the Caribbean…and that’s only the start. You can explore lesser-known Mayan sites all over the Riviera Maya from your central base…

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You’ll find cenotes all over the Riviera Maya but the three closest to your condo in Playa del Carmen are Cristalino, Azul and El Jardin del Eden—”the Garden of Eden.”

For dinner as an owner in Siempre your choice is from hundreds of restaurants…the closest is just downstairs. A high-end Mexican fusion place is planned in Siempre’s stylish commercial area by one of Playa del Carmen’s best regarded restauranteurs.

Playa’s Little Italy neighborhood is jammed with real Italians serving real Italian food.

Craft beer emporiums…fish tacos…steak houses…epic hamburgers…vegan joints…every taste, hankering and mood is covered in Playa. All really walkable (Playa’s very flat and easy to get around.)

You can even do fine dining with white linen table cloths in a 10,000-year-old cavern right in the heart of the city. (It’s called Azul restaurant on Avenida Benito Juarez.)

You’ll find all the comforts of home in Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and more. Catching a movie in English is easy and cheaper than in the States, too.

Low costs, great weather, ease of making friends…these are things drawing many people to Playa…many of whom are looking to rent an incredible condo like the one you can lock down with a $66,564 discount this Thursday at 1 p.m. ET in Siempre.

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The Mayan ruins of Tulum are just an hour south of Playa on a smooth four-lane highway.

It’s tough to find a reliable source for the huge number of expats in Playa. Partly because so many arriving daily…

Many of your fellow IL readers have moved to Playa both full- and part-time. Here’s what some of them say about Playa:

  • “You come here and there’s so much energy. I have three times more friends in Playa than I had in New England. It’s a very open and friendly community.” – Scot Lyall.
  • “We love the weather, the beach, the people. Nobody cares what your last name is or your backstory. It’s very casual.” – Vicki Lyall (Scot’s wife.)
  • “I have a lot of American and Canadian friends who live in Playa del Carmen full time and I can understand why. It’s less expensive. Healthcare, especially for Americans, is far more affordable. They live a really good lifestyle compared to what they’d be able to in the U.S.” – Phil Holland.
  • “The cost of living is 50% of what you would pay in the U.S. for the same standard of living. Dentistry is every bit as good as the U.S. and the price is one-third of the U.S. And if you get sick and see a doctor, it’s $50 for a half-hour to hour appointment.” – Scot Lyall.
  • “Everything is within walking distance, which keeps us healthy.” – Jim Watson.
  • “We indulge ourselves. We have a cleaning lady, which I wouldn’t have in the States. And foods that are good for you, like fruits and vegetables are cheap. We love to cook and have people over. We like to grill.”— Scottie Watson (Jim’s wife).
  • “If you like jazz go to Luna Blue on a Tuesday night. If we go to Wah Wah Beach Bar on Sundays there’s a three-piece band that plays 70s and 80s music. You’re sitting there right on the beach and the food is good…any kind of music that you like you’ll find a little bar that plays it.” – Greg Denstedt.
  • “The beach is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. The blue. The warmth of the water. There are so many activities close by: charter fishing, snorkeling, diving. Just people watching. The restaurants,” – Kristina Denstedt (Greg’s wife).

Instead of thousands of dollars in property taxes in Playa you pay mere hundreds. Which brings me back to your incredible deal…

It’s a discount of $66,564 on luxury two-bed condos in the hottest new address in Playa—the Zona Dorada, just a few minutes from the beach with unrivalled amenities. (The annual property tax is just $520.)

This deal is urgent and extremely limited. There are only 11 two-bed condos at this huge $66,564 discount.

There are also a handful of one-beds with a whopping discount and a start price for you of $174,023.

And, I’ve just got word from the developer he’s willing to part with a couple of premium condos with large interiors on higher floors from $307,670. That’s a discount of $76,917 for you. (These condos retail for $384,588.)

This is the last call for Playa’s Golden Zone—the hip new midtown of this fast-growing international beach city…

I figure I’ve run the rule over more than 300 potential opportunities in Playa over the years.

I have recommended very few. I’m extremely picky.

And I view this as very much a last chance to get in on a great deal in Playa, to lock in a massive discount, and enormous income potential. The onsite rental management guys reckon on 10.8% net yield…that’s $28,846 a year after costs. And I think once the dust settles and Siempre is truly established this is a totally reasonable projection.

Your price is superb. Playa’s market is maturing. As land costs have risen it’s become much more expensive for developers to build. The best land has been snapped up.

To find an opportunity to own a two-bed condo in a new building like Siempre Playa in a location as premium as the Zona Dorada for less than $300,000 right now is amazing…

At $332,823 (the price other folks pay) these condos are a good deal.

They are priced at a level below the top end of the market where folks pay anywhere up to nearly $400,000.

In my report I’ve included a quick slideshow of listings to give you an idea of what folks pay at the top end of the market.

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Development in Playa focused initially on Fifth Avenue and spread rapidly toward the Zona Dorada—Playa’s Golden Zone.

On Thursday at 1 p.m. ET I’ll open this deal. Be ready…you’ll get my email with the link to contact the developer’s team. You can also bookmark that link here.

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon, Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. Financing is available for you with this limited deal. This is exclusive financing.
That means it is not on the table for any ordinary Joe walking in off Playa’s famed Fifth Avenue. It’s an option for you alone as a reader of IL’s Dream Home Letter.

P.P.S. Let me repeat, the top end of the Playa market where I believe Siempre Playa sits sees folks paying anywhere from $335,000 to $399,000 for a similar condo. You pay much less. Get all the details in my report…including how to claim your discount and close on your condo.

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