Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Monte Rocella – (Waitlist Only)

Gains of $141,600 with a Luxury Condo in Booming Los Cabos

There’s a hill in Cabo where I own five condos… And it’s that same hill, El Tezal, where we now have the chance to own in a stunning amenities-rich community and lock in predicted gains of $141,600 or more just three years after delivery. There’s a simple reason I own so much real estate on this one hill: insane profit potential.

3 “Moats” Driving RETA Profits

Inside I take a deep dive into the three most important “economic moats” that protect our real estate investments. Just like a medieval moat protects a castle from invading rivals, an economic moat is a competitive advantage that protects your long-term profits. They play a huge part in every RETA deal I bring to you, laying the foundation for our future profits.