Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon



Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Dear Reader,

I just got a new render from the developer behind our Beachwalk opportunity.

I opened our Beachwalk at Caracol deal last Thursday and the response from RETA members was phenomenal.

If you got reserved you need to be moving fast with your due diligence.

My best piece of advice to you now: Stay in contact with your dedicated advisor.

If you’re on the waitlist, stay patient. It’s possible that some fellow members won’t move ahead in time and a condo becomes available.

This is a killer deal, a chance to lock in what I believe will be gains of $187,200 just five years after delivery with stunning condos steps from a spectacular tropical beach…

True beachfront…


This just in…a brand-new render from developer Alfredo Aleman showing his vision for Beachwalk at Caracol.

As you know, renders shouldn’t be considered final, they are carefully designed to give us the closest idea possible of what’s planned. I included plenty more in my original Beachwalk deal briefing.

Playa Caracol is unique. A true beachfront community close to a world-class capital where we are getting in for phenomenal RETA-only prices thanks to our group buying power and connections.

To own true beachfront anywhere in the world so close to a thriving global hub like Panama costs many times our price. But we’re getting in ahead…with an exclusive and off-market opportunity.

Every condo RETA have is a screaming deal where I expect we will see phenomenal gains.

  • You’ll own close to a world-class capital city. Panama City is a global trading and finance hub successfully modeled on Singapore. Skyscrapers crowd the skyline from the waterfront right back to the banking district—home to one of the world’s great financial centers. Office buildings house global companies. Modern malls are packed with luxury brands. The wealth of the world passes through the Panama Canal and numerous global banks based here…
  • We’re buying ahead of a billion-dollar Path of Progress roaring west of Panama City…bridges, roads, metros…big money, mega projects. This Path of Progress is connecting Panama’s Pacific Riviera to the city. You’ll own on the closest nicest beach to the city.
  • Playa Caracol is set to be the premier community on the Pacific Riviera. As I say, it’s now very easy to get to Caracol and the community is entering its next phase, with many more amenities planned such as the Surfside luxury hotel, a village center and boardwalk. And I hear a major branded hotel group is planning to launch there. Great roads connect your condo and community with a huge pool of potential renters—families, professionals, weekend vacationers, tourists, and, of course, the work-from-anywhere folks.
  • Beachwalk will be right next to the luxury Surfside hotel, due for delivery this year and home to incredible beachfront amenities you’ll have access to as an owner in Beachwalk…including a luxury spa, state-of-the-art gym, superb pool and beach club…gourmet restaurants…all right on the beach…all at your disposal as an owner in Beachwalk for just $5 a month.
  • RETA members are already sitting on six-figure uplifts in Playa Caracol. Just one example… In January 2019, I was able to bring members the chance to own in the Residences at Playa Caracol from a RETA-only $184,300, with premium condos going from between $234,600 to $252,500. A condo that a RETA member bought for $220,000 is now listing at $325,000—that’s $105,000 more.
  • To find communities on a par with Caracol you have to look around the world. There’s nothing like it in Panama. This is a true beachfront community close to a world-class capital. Caracol is totally beach oriented, utterly luxurious. The farthest point you can be from the beach in Playa Caracol is just 300 yards or so. And in Beachwalk, where we have our deal, you are much, much closer. Just stroll through your amenities, past your pool…onto the stunning beach.
  • In other global destinations to own a two-bed ocean-view condo in beachfront communities steps from the beach will cost $600,000…$800,000… In fact, it’s more likely to be well over $1 million. And my team and I scoured the world’s real estate markets to find a beachfront community as special and exclusive in such close proximity to a world-class capital city…an international center of trade and finance…


Stay in touch with your dedicated advisor if you’ve reserved and move fast on your due diligence to close the deal!

And congratulations! You’re about to own something incredibly rare at a totally mad and unheard of price.

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon