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By Ronan McMahon

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Welcome to Real Estate Trend Alert!

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What’s Next?

In the coming weeks and months, Ronan McMahon will tell you about exciting deals in evolving markets around the world…in spots like Los Cabos, Mexico, Portugal’s Algarve coast, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, and more.

He’ll also alert you to properties that—due to some anomaly—are undervalued for a brief period. (This happens more often than you think.)

If you’re interested in buying in Mexico or Panama, he’ll show you locales where you can expect strong capital gains…and attractive rental income, too.

Through Ronan, you’ll have access to deals normally not accessible to anyone else. And of course, in many of those deals, RETA members can access financing that’s often not available to other foreign buyers.

By way of full disclosure: Ronan’s company, Pangea Ltd., may earn advertising fees on the deals he passes along to RETA members. This helps fund the travel, due diligence, and resultant legal investigations Ronan and his team do on every deal.

Should you have any queries please contact me at 1 866 845 3052 (toll free) or +1 410 230 1250 (international) or email us here.