Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon Explains
What Is Real Estate Trend Alert

One question I’m often asked by non-members is: What is Real Estate Trend Alert?

I’m going to answer that, and other frequently-asked questions, here.

Q: What is Real Estate Trend Alert?

A: It’s an exclusive club that brings members the best real estate opportunities around the world…opportunities that promise strong capital appreciation, rental returns, or both…and big savings on members-only deals.

Q: What is a members-only deal?

A: This is a deal I negotiate exclusively on behalf of Real Estate Trend Alert members, on real estate I expect will rise in value. I only recommend deals I would be happy to invest in myself. And, for a deal to cut my muster, I have to see clear potential for members to double their money in five to seven years. With a members-only deal, members get in before any other buyer…at pricing far below fair market value.

Q: If I join, how will I hear from Real Estate Trend Alert?

A: You will get regular alerts straight to your inbox…a monthly issue…podcasts and videos…and access to the members-only website which has an archive of research, alerts, issues, reports, videos and podcasts.

Q: What kind of people join Real Estate Trend Alert?

A: All sorts of people! Some are seasoned real estate investors, but others have never purchased any real estate. Some have big budgets…others a more modest amount to invest. Some are looking to buy purely for investment, others want a lifestyle play (a second or vacation home, or a future retirement home). Some want to build a portfolio, and plan to buy multiple properties—others only want that one special, dream home. They come from all walks of life, from places as far afield as Singapore, Australia, the UK, and North America.
One thing they all have in common: they want to make money…or save big…on overseas real estate.

Q: How much money do I need to buy a property overseas?

A: Real Estate Trend Alert covers everything from low-priced lots in places like Uruguay, Brazil and Costa Rica which are in the mid-$30,000 price bracket (and come with financing so you only make a manageable down payment and then a mix of monthly and balloon payments)….homes in Portugal for €133,000 and condos in Spain for under €100,000—in both those countries foreigners can get bank mortgages, at very low interest rates)…right through to luxury homes in a 5* golf and beach resort. There’s something to suit most tastes and pocketbooks.

Q: Can I get finance on an overseas real estate purchase?

A: Usually bank finance is tricky, if not impossible, to get for foreigners buying overseas. There are some exceptions like Spain and Portugal, where foreigners can typically get 70% LTV at rates of 1% to 2%. Sometimes, in markets with mostly foreign buyers, you’ll find a seller who’s willing to offer seller finance.

One of the biggest perks of Real Estate Trend Alert membership is that on many members-only deals, developer payment terms plus finance are available for members. Normally, there’s a 20% down payment, followed by 30% during construction; at delivery, when you can move in, you’ve paid 50% of the purchase price. You can then either clear the balance in cash or take the developer finance on offer, which can run 5 to 10 years.

Q: Does Real Estate Trend Alert do any due diligence on the properties it features?

A: For members-only deals, Real Estate Trend Alert checks the master title of the project. We don’t check each individual lot or condo title as these are usually not available until a project is almost completed. The same goes for condo regimes, homeowners’ associations, and the rules and regulations for condo blocks or private communities.

Real Estate Trend Alert checks the standard sale contract. But the contract we check may not be the one you’re asked to sign some weeks or months later. And you may want to adjust some of the clauses based on your personal circumstances, such as the timing of stage payments.

Real Estate Trend Alert checks the permits and approvals. Some may not be available when we do that and permits and approvals are occasionally revoked, so you need to have your attorney verify all is OK when you buy.

You will also need to do a thorough check on any resale, one-off property or a property you buy through a real estate agent Real Estate Trend Alert works with, if that property is not part of a members-only deal.

We always recommend that members do their own due diligence and hire an in-country attorney for every real estate purchase.

If you’d like to know more about Real Estate Trend Alert, please click here.

If you have any other questions, you can connect with Nancy Kiernan, our Real Estate Trend Alert Concierge, here.

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Ronan McMahon