Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

What Our Members Say About Real Estate Trend Alert

“Everyone that wants to buy real estate should be a Real Estate Trend Alert member. I´m getting good deals, Ronan sure can pick easy to deal with and knowledgeable people.

“I’ve made 4 purchases through RETA…1 in Brazil, and 3 in Panama.”

– George

The RETA members in the video below recently took ownership of the properties they bought with a RETA members-only deal in Siempre Playa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They share their experiences and what they think of their new properties.(Note: They refer to SIMCA in this video, this is the name of the development company behind Siempre Playa.)

“The Gardens (Panama) was my first deal with Real Estate Trend Alert. When the opportunity came up in Panama, I thought this had the features I needed, and it was the right opportunity to buy. I was looking for below market properties with potential for an income stream and appreciation.

“The benefit of belonging to RETA is that you wouldn’t know about these deals unless you had your own “boots on the ground” to find the opportunities, plus they provide access to the attorneys and developer sales team to help with due diligence.

“My advice for people looking to join RETA. If you are looking at international properties and you don’t have familiarity with the area, they are the best organization that I know of to do the ground work. RETA locates and offers properties below market with both appreciation and income possibilities.”

– Jon

RETA gives me trusted experience in Portugal.

“We weren’t planning to purchase but then I saw some emails from Ronan about Portugal and decided I should check it out. I contacted Ronan’s contacts in Portugal and they did an outstanding job. I ultimately bought 2 units. The first time I went to Portugal was by myself. I did some homework so I knew what I wanted and Ronan’s contacts showed me those properties as well as others.

“They (RETA) do a really good job of getting out good information that is helpful with making a decision.

My advice to anyone considering joining RETA – if you are looking to purchase property, the price you pay for membership is well worth it. I have peace of mind. If someone wants income stream overseas, I don’t know how you could do it without RETA.”

– Rhonda

I am so glad RETA allowed me to purchase condos in Panama, at Surfside and The Gardens, even with the travel restrictions. Ronan and his team presented meticulous research and negotiated stunning deals. I feel comfortable going ahead with the purchase given the video tours and multiple emails from Ainura [a member of the developer’s customer care team] answering questions from Panama.

Really looking forward to traveling again and to be able to stay in my new condo.

– Mary

“I got introduced to the Siempre Playa project [located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico] through Real Estate Trend Alert, and the great team that SIMCA [the developer] has put together to facilitate the process of buying in this project.

“It was a wonderful experience to deal with the team with a whole wealth of knowledge about the project, phases of construction, dealing with the attorneys, facilitating the choice of the apartment etc.

“So far, I have bought in two projects of SIMCA and would love to continue to evaluate/buy with them as more projects are developed.”

– Syed

Keith recently got in on a RETA deal in Playa Caracol, in Panama. He tells you more about his experience in this video:

“After being recommended to take a look at the RETA newsletter/service, I have been nothing but amazed, impressed, and incredibly grateful for all concerned. I really believe it is going to change not only my life but the future of my three children also.”

– Kevin

I am late to Real Estate Trend Alert and wished I found your group about a year ago, would have saved a lot of money. We just purchased a 2-bedroom condo at Santamar [in Akumal, Mexico] and being a RETA member made the process a breeze.

Please give my thanks to Ronan for the organization he has set-up.

Also, the RETA Concierge Team were so helpful that I also bought a 2 -bedroom condo in Panama and got the RETA price and the unit I wanted.

– James

“We’ve been RETA members for about a year. RETA is a huge source of information for us. We get good, honest information. The preconstruction deals work for us financially. We can make payments and get into it slowly and easily. We love all the scouting, due diligence, and learning about the area.

“We flew down to Mexico and rented a car to see Edena [development in Tulum, Mexico] and also looked at Santamar [in Akumal, Mexico]. We ended up buying in Santamar. We’ve also bought two properties in Panama at Surfside and The Gardens.

“Our advice for anyone wanting to join RETA – if you are serious about international investment and do not want to come up a lot of money upfront, there is nothing better than RETA.”

– Tony

Jack has been a RETA member since 2017 and he has bought in 5 RETA deals, including deals in Mexico, Panama, and Brazil.

Of his Real Estate Trend Alert membership, he says:

“Some of the benefits of belonging to i are the research and information, whether it is attached to a deal or not. It is very helpful to identify markets. Having done some of the deals, I can say the execution is excellent. It makes me confident to invest through RETA. They put everything in place to make the process seamless. They have reputable attorneys, service people, and developers.

“My advice for anyone wanting to join RETA — you can feel comfortable to take action with confidence. It is a legit operation. Based on my experience it is legit. Also, it is worth being patient. Ronan does a good job keeping the pipeline full, but don’t feel compelled to buy every deal. You have to scrutinize the projects to line up with your goals.”

– Jack

In this video, Jack talks specifically about his experience buying in Playa Caracol in Panama.