Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Who Is Ronan McMahon?

2008 was a pivotal time in global economies. Much of the world was in freefall. In the US, the crash wiped out nearly $8 trillion in value from the stock market in only a couple of years. Home values plummeted. Savings accounts and nest eggs were decimated.

The news headlines were grim. Spiraling unemployment. Failing banks. Shuttered businesses. Rising debt.

But Ronan McMahon was seeing another side to the global picture.

He was in Northeast Brazil. It’s a place with endless white-sand beaches, warm waves and swaying palm trees. But Ronan wasn’t there for the beaches…

He was there because while much of the world was crashing…Brazil (and Northeast Brazil in particular) was booming.

The country’s economy was on a tear. Its middle class was exploding. New businesses were opening up, new jobs popping up. All that new wealth was fueling retail sales, car sales, and the real estate market.

While home prices were dropping in the US, they were soaring in Brazil. Brazilians weren’t panic selling—they were panic buying; afraid they might miss their chance to get on the property ladder.

Through an insider contact, Ronan got an invite to a closed-door meeting…where a select group of movers and shakers were given the lowdown on an exciting new real estate opportunity. An opportunity that could potentially hand them big profits…

They could buy a beach condo with only 1%, the equivalent of $736 down. Ronan bought two condos.

The project sold out over a weekend. Values then went up. Ronan got a good offer to sell on his contracts—before a shovel had even broken ground on the project.

This is where you make your money in real estate—by playing transformational moments…such as Brazil’s dramatic burst in growth.

This event inspired Ronan to set up Real Estate Trend Alert. He wanted to help other investors…those who wanted to invest overseas but didn’t know where to start. Ronan’s vision with Real Estate Trend Alert was to share his knowledge and experience, his network of contacts, and the best real estate deals he came across.

Ronan first invested in real estate when he was fresh out of college. His first purchase was in his hometown of Cork, Ireland. He knew the market…he knew he could deal with any problems in person…and he could access bank finance.

It worked out very well. He bought in the early stages of a protracted boom in Ireland, which pushed real estate prices up very sharply. But the market quickly became frothy. The real estate boom, Ronan figured, would soon pop. He sold before the bottom fell out of the market, pocketed his profits, and looked for the next place to invest—overseas.

That led him to Panama…then Brazil…then Mexico…and the list continues…

Along the way, he learned valuable lessons…built up an enviable black book of contacts around the world…and fine-tuned his strategies to invest profitably.

With a couple of decades of investing experience under his belt, Ronan knows how to pinpoint emerging locations, drill down to the finest opportunities, and negotiate the best possible deal. His Real Estate Trend Alert publication lets folks join him on his global investing adventure—and act on deals with incredible discounts and huge potential upside, too.

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