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By Ronan McMahon

Historic France for $99,941

Weekly Wrap Up

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Ronan McMahon Dear Your Overseas Dream Home Reader,

It’s your weekly wrap…

This week I added a “daily dream home” to this e-letter. Go to the end right now and you’ll get a renovated timber-framed home in a French medieval village for just $99,941.

Keep reading over the next few days for more stunning bargains picked out for you.

Keep reading every day! Because I will bring you a different dream home listing each day. You never know…you might find something special…

“I Bought My Dream Home in Europe”

Last month I brought the story of Jonathan, a fellow reader of yours who realised his dream of owning a stunning bolthole in an historic corner of Europe.

“I never imagined that the chaos and frustration of last year would have a bright side. It was May, and I was in my small cabin in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. I had moved up there in March with my girlfriend and dog, following the forced closure of my restaurant and bar in Philadelphia,” wrote Jonathan.

We wanted somewhere green and quiet where we could wait out the lockdown. My shack in the woods was the obvious choice, but I found myself with a ton of free time on my hands.

That’s when I started following Ronan and the cheap properties he was sharing.

I’ve always dreamed of having a house, however small, somewhere in Europe. I’m a Europhile and have been since I first visited in 2001. If I could emigrate full-time to just about any EU country, I totally would.

However, I didn’t think it was possible. Or at least, I couldn’t see how I could afford it until closer to retirement. I love European history, culture, traditions, and architecture, but I found it expensive. In places like Amsterdam and Berlin, prices are high—and no amount of refinancing my mortgage could make it possible to own there.

It simply never occurred to me to look elsewhere…

Not until I saw Ronan’s post about a property listing in Croatia…”

You can read Jonathan’s full story in Your Overseas Dream Home archive.

Goldilocks Destinations

The heroine of the Three Bears fairytale didn’t like her porridge too hot, nor too cold, but just right…

If the tropics are too humid and you want to escape cold weather, consider those “just right” locales around the world. A place where you need nothing more than a sweater or light jacket at night and during the day it’s t-shirt weather all the time.

No air-con needed…no heating bills…

Just spring and outdoor living all year round.

Last Sunday I brought you dream homes in perfect-weather destinations. If you missed it check it out right now.

Secrets of the Riviera Maya

The newest member of my research team is Jason Holland. Jason left Florida years ago for a life of adventure in Latin America. Why? Well, lower costs, better weather, less stress, more affordable healthcare…all the usual reasons folks look overseas.

First stop for Jason and his family was Costa Rica. After years there he knows the country extremely well. Now he’s in colonial San Miguel in the highlands of Mexico, and in May he’s moving to the trendy neighborhood of Roma Norte in Mexico City.

Jason’s also lived in Akumal on the Riviera Maya and he knows secrets…

On Thursday he wrote: “The side roads brought my family and I to underwater-river-fed freshwater pools in the jungle known as cenotes…little-known white-sand beaches…and delightful seaside watering holes where we could enjoy a cold chelada (beer with lime juice, on the rocks) with ceviche and fish tacos made from local fresh catch.

Yes, even on the Riviera Maya, home to resort vacation mega-destination Cancun, chic international hotspot Playa del Carmen, and the artsy bohemian haven of Tulum…trod by millions of international tourists each year…there are “secret spots” for those in the know.”

If you missed Jason’s insights go here.

A Flood of Killer Deals

As I told you on Thursday, this week, I got back from an extensive scouting trip in Puerto Vallarta…

I met with multiple developers, put boots on the ground on the sites of 13 promising new projects…visited dozens that didn’t make the cut…and I can now tentatively confirm that we’re just months away from a strong new RETA deal here.

Overlooking the azure waters of the Bay of Banderas and backed up to the palm-peppered Sierra de Madre mountains, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer. It’s one of Mexico’s most enticing coastal destinations, with dazzling sandy beaches, enchanting colonial architecture, a rich culinary tradition, and a vibrant cultural scene.

But it’s by far the only spot on our RETA beat where I have killer deals lined up…

Get my full round up of upcoming deals right here.

Next Week… The South of France

As you might know, my senior researcher, Margaret Summerfield is looking for a new base in southern Europe after almost 14 years in Panama.

She’s now in Cannes on France’s iconic Riviera. If you missed her report from the ground on Tuesday you can read it here.

Margaret’s latest location is among the most expensive places to buy real estate in France, but she’s given me a great idea…

Because I’ve personally scouted the best place in the south of France for bargain dream homes…

It’s the sunniest part of France with 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s the largest wine-producing region in France. And I found historic village homes that could return a reasonable 6% yield on a hot 10-week high season.

More next week…make sure to watch your inbox for Your Overseas Dream Home.

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon, Real Estate Trend Alert

Your Comments and Questions

Alex says: Dear Ronan, Many thanks for your emails so far.

A suggestion for both the Mexican Caribbean and Belize:

As I have heard, and was partially confirmed through other media, there is now more interest in travel to the Mexican Caribbean from Europe.

There are now flights with:

  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Turkey.
  • TAP Portugal from Lisbon, Portugal (new service).
  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna, Austria (new service).

It would be great to inform us (Europeans too) about the latest real estate developments (both to rent or buy) and new-built projects.

Specifically, I’m looking to real estate that would attract people looking for part-time living, for a holiday home abroad, or for a place to rent as a tourist for up to three months (such as digital nomads and other self-employed people).

I have the same request for Belize too.

Ronan says: Hi Alex, on May 1 I fly on the new service Cancun to Lisbon. It’s going to be great for me given my base in Portugal is just north of Lisbon. RETA is the best place to get news and details of the latest and beat deals Alex. And nationality is certainly no barrier to entry. We have RETA members from all over, including many from Europe. I know of Australian RETA members who have bought in RETA-only deals on the Riviera Maya for example. You can find details of how to join here.

Jason asks: What’s qualifying a U.S. citizen to be able to but the property in Italy for €1.

Ronan says: Hi Jason. Generally speaking, there are no special requirements for U.S. citizen, or indeed anyone who want to partake in Italy’s €1 home offers. However, each town that has these offers have their own requirements. For instance, you may be required to spend at least €5,000 on a renovation within three years.

In more recently examples, however, the offers are getting more generous. The town of Troina, for instance, plans to assist potential buyers with a €25,000 grant to do up the dilapidated buildings.

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