Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

How to Use Your RETA membership

Benefits of Being a Real Estate Trend Alert Member

Ronan McMahon has been investing in real estate all over the world since 2008.

That’s because he believes the best opportunities aren’t always found on your doorstep… sometimes they are hundreds, even thousands of miles away.

Ronan founded Real Estate Trend Alert to help others who think the same way.

So, what are the benefits of membership of Real Estate Trend Alert?

What RETA Membership Gives You

On-the-Ground Insights

Real Estate Trend Alert is your best resource for real estate insight, analysis, and discounted pricing on opportunities. Ronan brings members insights from markets all around the world as well as profit-minded investment recommendations. And he does all of the leg-work…and personally picks out only the most potentially profitable opportunities that he comes across as he travels the globe.

Ronan says: “My team and I spend over $1 million on travel and research every year, continually adding to this library of real estate intel.”

Access to Profitable Real Estate Deals From Around the World

Ronan negotiates real estate deals exclusively on behalf of Real Estate Trend Alert members. And he only recommends deals he would be happy to invest in himself.

For a deal to cut his muster, he has to see clear potential for members to double their money in five to seven years. With these members-only deals, you get in before any other buyer…at pricing far below fair market value.

Group Buying Power

Ronan is able to negotiate these deals with developers because of the combined group-buying power of all Real Estate Trend Alert members. That can lead to serious discounts on retail pricing… 10%, 20%, even 30% off and more.

RETA Members-Only Financing Options

With many of the special off-market deals Ronan brings to members of Real Estate Trend Alert, the developer offers exclusive developer financing.

Developer finance is, as the name suggests, where a developer finances a piece of the real estate you buy from him—he’s the bank. It’s most commonly offered for pre-construction properties and also in markets where bank finance is extremely difficult to get for foreign buyers and/or prohibitively expensive.

A Rolodex of Trusted Contacts

Having spent close to two decades as an international real estate scout and investor, Ronan has cultivated a massive circle of contacts from across the globe…and he continues to add to that circle regularly.

He shares those contacts with members of Real Estate Trend Alert. These are brokers, developers, attorneys…people Ronan talks to regularly, visits in person, and maintains a good relationship with. They’re familiar with RETA, they understand the groups reach, and they’ve seen what RETA’s group buying power can achieve.

By using this Rolodex of global contacts, you’ll always have immediate access to the latest insider information in whatever market you’re interested in.

How is My RETA Membership Fulfilled?

Your membership gives you unrestricted access to Ronan’s regular market analysis, practical how-to guides, and specific buying opportunities from all over the world.
This comes in the form of:

  • Detailed Monthly Issues:Every month Ronan will send you a brand-new issue of Real Estate Trend Alert, jam-packed with profit-making ideas, in-depth market analysis, specific real estate investment opportunities and much more..
  • Email Updates: With your Real Estate Trend Alert membership you’ll also get regular email updates (called RETA Alerts) from Ronan with any timely and valuable real estate investing insights he comes across on his travels, in the press, research papers, and more.
  • Flash Alerts: When an opportunity is so big and urgent it can’t wait for your monthly issue of Real Estate Trend Alert, Ronan will send you a series of Flash Alerts. These emails will give you in-depth detail of the real estate opportunity and how to act on it.
  • 24/7 Website Access: Everything Ronan publishes for Real Estate Trend Alert members is archived on the members’ only website. It’s your “mission control” for easy access to all the valuable research, special reports, videos, and podcasts.
  • Concierge: You have a dedicated Real Estate Trend Alert member concierge team on hand to help you navigate the RETA website, point you to real estate deals that might interest you, and anything else that lets you get full value from your membership. You’ll get their direct contact details when you sign up to become a Real Estate Trend Alert member.