Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity...

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity…

Imagine perfect, white-washed homes…and churches with rounded roofs…that cling to the sheer edge of an ancient volcanic crater. The sun sets like a fiery cannon ball at Oia. Yes, the black beaches are interesting, but here it’s all about the dramatic views from the crater edge. This is the Greek island of Santorini. My favorite. And like the rest of the Greek islands, real estate here is about to get dirt cheap—because of the great crisis the country faces today.

The Most Affordable Deal on the Pacific Coast Right Now

The Most Affordable Deal on the Pacific Coast Right Now

Ecuador’s nicest stretch of coast is now accessible. Buying here can position you ahead of the Path of Progress. It’s here, in the nicest part of this 100-kilometer stretch of Pacific Coast, in a “best in class” project, that we can buy a lot from $30,000.

This is an “off market” deal—30 lots at Jama Campay are only available to members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

A Lot in This Scenic Part of Costa Rica From $45,000...With Financing

A Lot in This Scenic Part of Costa Rica From $45,000…With Financing

As a member of our little group, you will know that we look for Path of Progress opportunities. I’m talking about infrastructure projects like a new road…or a new bridge that will make an area more accessible and desirable. When this happens, prices rise. Like we’ve recently seen in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone…and in Tulum, on the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

My colleague at Pathfinder, Margaret Summerfield recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica, where she investigated the impact of a newly upgraded road that stretches out from the capital, San Jose. She returned to her base in Panama excited about a project she had seen in the area.

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal...

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal…

Long-time readers of these dispatches will know that I have been recommending opportunities in Fortaleza for the past three years.

We have been able to buy pre-release at special member-only pricing and terms. I have bought multiple units here. I’m happy with my investments. I recently sold a condo I bought on my first trip for $43,500 more than I paid.

And it’s not just me. RETA members have seen strong price appreciation.

It gets better though…

Caribbean Financing – Respond Today

Caribbean Financing – Respond Today

I strongly urge you to read this alert carefully.
The Tao project near Tulum is a strong opportunity I have told you about in these alerts. The developer finance offer makes it stronger. You can buy here with $15,000 down and monthly payments of $800. Plus, as a RETA member you get additional benefits (more below).
The finance offer will likely close in a matter of weeks. Only 100 units can be sold with this developer finance package…and 81 have been sold—with signed contracts. There are additional reservations which are closing by the day.
You need to act now to avail of this this offer. In the future some finance may be available…or it might not be. BUT—a finance offer this good will never be made again.

Big $28,710 Lots in Uruguay's Best Beach Town

Big $28,710 Lots in Uruguay’s Best Beach Town

On June 17th I told you about the opportunity at La Serena Golf in the province of Rocha, Uruguay. This is a great deal from a strong developer.
Not far away (but closer to Punta del Este) lot prices range from $40-$135 per square meter. That’s $162,000 to over $500,000 for an acre lot. And, these prices include projects without golf or tennis. Projects with hardly any amenities, in fact.
At La Serena Golf you have both. Half-acre lot prices start at $31,900. As a RETA member you can avail of our member-only pricing and get a 10% discount. That gives you an entry point of $28,710.

Today's Fire Sale Auction in Ireland

Today’s Fire Sale Auction in Ireland

I’m watching developments in Ireland closely. In 2008 Ireland’s banks and real estate industry spectacularly imploded. Since then we have been waiting. Not much happened until a couple of months ago.
The real estate market never found a floor. There were almost no transactions. The nationalized banking system and the bad bank (NAMA: National Assets Management Agency, established to wind down failed developers and get land speculation loans off the banks’ books) stayed silent. They have been sitting on all the Irish inventory on their books.
That’s set to change. Get ready.

The Best Way to Play Uruguay's Coast

The Best Way to Play Uruguay’s Coast

If you want to tap into the next trend in Uruguay’s “beach province” for less than $60,000 an acre…this is it.
In this alert I’ll give the relevant background on Uruguay…some context that shows why this is such a strong opportunity right now…and then the specifics on this real estate deal—which includes a discount ed price list for any RETA member who wants to buy.

3 Deals...and My 7-Country Scouting Schedule

3 Deals…and My 7-Country Scouting Schedule

Summer…180 attendees…and 23 of my trusted contacts…have all arrived in Toronto for the International Real Estate Investment Forum. The exhibit hall is buzzing. It’s great to see so many of those green badges that are reserved for members of our little group.

It’s been energizing and informative to share ideas and experiences with those of you who have been able to make it. It has also been exciting to see so many RETA members connecting. At member-only events in the past, friendships have been made that turned into business relationships. That’s what happens when you pack a room with smart people chasing the same thing: Undervalued real estate opportunities.