Real Estate Trend Alert

By Ronan McMahon


Photo Gallery: Our Opportunity From the Riviera Maya’s Transformational Path of Progress in Pictures

When I talk to you about the Riviera Maya, it can be hard to put our opportunity into context. Or, how an opportunity so big could be contained in one little stretch of coastline. Let me put it to you this way: That little patch of the map above—no longer than 90 miles in reality—is where one of the strongest opportunities on our entire beat is. For capital appreciation and for serious short-term rental potential.

Agricultural Deals: How to Play the Game and Profit

It was great to meet so many members of our little group at International Living’s recent Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas conference in Las Vegas. I enjoyed catching up with members and shooting the breeze on my beat here at Real Estate Trend Alert. Some of you asked about how we can play the predicted surge in demand for food over the coming decades—and why I haven’t brought any opportunities to your attention. That’s why today I’m revisiting this topic. The investment case for food crops and the underlying land is straightforward: Demand is going up; supply has constraints like suitable land, availability of water and infrastructure to get crops to market.

Hola from Sunny Spain

Greetings from Ronda, Andalucía.
I’m standing almost 400 feet above the canyon floor on the new bridge that connects the old and new part of this ancient city. Of course new is a relative term. Work started on the bridge in 1751. The first attempt fell down. Then the next effort stalled as funds dried up. The bridge was finally completed in 1793.

Boquete: The Best Value in Seven Years

I’ve just returned from my first scouting trip to Panama’s mountain country of Boquete in five years. Back in 2007 to 2008, the market became frothy and prices too high. I stopped visiting until now. This time, my trip threw up some interesting opportunities. The most significant development I noticed in Boquete is how real estate prices are at their lowest in almost a decade. I’m working on some special situation RETA members-only deals there which I will be telling you about in the coming weeks.